About the Gliders:

Depending on the launch types and conditions, we use either a Hang Glider or Paraglider which are certified and manufactured specifically for Air Experience Tandem flights.

Coastal and Hill Hang Gliding - The Wills Wing Falcon 3 Tandem:

The Falcon 3 Tandem has been designed and developed specifically for tandem use. It features newly developed and especially robust control bar hardware, along with a stronger, stiffer air-frame. The wider control bar more comfortably accommodates the pilot & passenger.

The airframe and sail design combine to produce a glider with exceptional load carrying capacity, that slows down extremely well and retains excellent handling qualities across a hook in weight range from 185 lbs to 500 lbs. Landings are easy, with relatively light flare pressures, even in light winds.

Professional tandem instructors who have tried the Falcon 3 Tandem agree that it offers the best all around handling qualities and the best landing characteristics of any tandem glider available.

Coastal and Hill Paragliding - The Niviuk Takoo 2 :

The Takoo 2 is the wing of choice to share your experiences and pleasure of free flight with others. You decide the route; the Takoo 2 will do the rest.

More attachment points improve the loading and pressure of the wing. A slightly more pronounced arch gives the profile more stability in turbulence. We incorporated our SLE system (Structured Leading Edge) which results in having a very light leading edge, ease of inflation and minimal deformity. The trailing edge is reinforced with the STE (Structured Trailing Edge) with a clean air flow and, more efficiency in turns, while maintaining an excellent sink rate with a superior turn speed. The handling has been improved and it’s now much softer.

The Takoo 2 is designed to take 2 people, with a maximum all up weight of 220kg.