The Experience

Flying Like a Bird gives you the opportunity to fulfil your dreams. There is nothing quite like soaring effortlessly through the sky with just the birds as your company. We provide you with an introduction to the equipment, together with a pre-flight briefing on what your activity will involve. Once you and your dual pilot are in your harnesses, you will take off and partake in a truly amazing experience, providing you with a memory of a lifetime.

During your flight if the dual pilot believes the conditions are correct, you may be offered the chance to fly the glider yourself in the air. Whilst airborne your dual pilot describes how the glider works and explains how the local terrain and the local weather provides such great flying conditions. Afterwards you will look at the weather and the sky from a completely different perspective!

The experience offers a completely different perspective of the beautiful landscape as you fly like a bird. Soaring the sky is a serene, relaxing and breath-taking experience.

Customised video and imagery footage is available as well as the latest in flight mapping technology which will give the enthusiast information on their track, height, speed and many other factors of their flight.

Customised and bespoke Activities are also available. Please do not hesitate to call us so we can create a package which meets your needs and requirements.

Launch Types

Coastal & Hill Launching

Described as foot launching this involves the pilot and the passenger taking a few steps together from the grassy slopes of North Devon's beautiful countryside.

This is the traditional way of launching a Hang Glider and Paraglider - there is no special input required from the passenger. We use purpose built dual (tandem) hang gliders and chose a hill site which is suitable based on its height, launching and landing areas as well as the direction it faces. Flying is possible when the wind is blowing at the hill and this simply lets us soar like a bird in the "lift band" that is created.

At our coastal sites this provides you with spectacular views of the coastline and the surrounding area's.

Flying over a designated AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), we watch the world go by beneath us as we effortlessly glide around the sky with the local birds as our airborne partners.

Aero-Tow Launching.

One of our future projects its to use an alternative form of launching known as Aero-Towing. Aero-tow flights are able to take you to heights over 3000ft to view the rolling Devon countryside. You will be towed with your dual pilot behind an approved Micro-light from a spectacular area of Devon.

The Micro-light will tow both the pilot and yourself into the air, gaining height in a thrilling and exciting form of launching. As you height increases you will take in breath-taking views of the ground below, as well as the sea and the fantastic Devon coastline in the distance.

Once sufficient height has been gained the towline is released from the Micro-light and you will fly gently and smoothly over the countryside below. Coming back into land you will slowly descend back to earth and land gently on the rolling wheels of the hang glider. Because of the rolling launch and landing it is suitable for all age groups and those with disabilities.

We will update this page once our Aero-Tow operations are ready to commence.