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Welcome to 2023!


Getting ready for the 2023 season!

The evenings are starting to draw out and the sun is starting to show it's face a bit more now!

Our schedule for this year is to fly the Tandem Paraglider up to March and then both the Tandem Paraglider and Tandem Hang Glider from the end of March onwards.

Unsure of the difference between the two? See the pictures below..

We are in effect flying in the same air, except the Paraglider is usually in lighter winds whereas the Hang Glider allows for a higher wind speed.

Our sites are based around North Devon - Woolacombe, Putsborough and Trentishoe.

There is a very active local club that also fly in the area and we share our flying sites with them. You can find more information on the club here: https://ndhpc.co.uk/

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Hang Gliding



We have had a wonderful summer flying - fantastic conditions and some very happy faces!

We are closed from the 9th October to the 8th November.

Look forward to seeing you soon in the sky!

Welcome Andy Brown! - Dual Air Experience Instructor - Paragliding


A huge warm welcome to Andy Brown, our Dual Air Experience Paragliding Instructor with Fly Like a Bird.

Andy has a wealth of experience and is a prominent member of the flying community both in the UK and abroad.

With Andy on-board we now have the availability - subject to the weather - to fly couple's and friends up in the air at the same time.

For more information on Andy's profile please see the link to our Pilots page using the "about us" link on the left side of the homepage

Upcoming Season set to start March 2022


The birds are starting to sing, the days are getting longer and the sun is beating down to bring some welcome warmth.

We are getting ready to start our 2022 season for Tandem flying from the 23rd March 2022.

If you have a voucher and haven't yet chosen which dates are suitable for you then please get in touch as we are getting booked up quickly.

Visit our contacts page here:


Tandem Paragliding in 2021!


We are pleased to announce that we now provide tandem paragliding flights from our two sites at Woolacombe and Putsborough in 2021.

Depending on the conditions for the day we can choose either to fly the Hang Glider or Paraglider - providing us with a bigger window with regard to the weather!