"The whole experience was wonderful. It's such a beautiful part of the country anyway. To have this coastland as the backdrop was amazing. Sam was good to go through everything without overwhelming me so that I felt prepared and at ease. I can't believe how quickly and easily we took off! Getting airborn was incredible and soon we were high up over the coast. The views were spectacular. It was such a smooth ride, quite different from the bumpy ride I had anticipated! I had complete trust in Sam and was able to relax and enjoy it. I loved every minute and found it incredibly peaceful. It was quite a surreal experience as feels so effortless, you really are soaring like an eagle! I would definitely do it again! Was a great day out for my family too. Thanks Sam, we will cherish the memory and encourage others to have a go." Louise

"Flying Like a Bird was the most wonderful, breath-taking experience. It was so serene and peaceful, I felt a huge perspective on life and our beautiful planet while flying with the birds over Woolacombe on a beautiful sunny evening. I would definitely recommend it, Sam explained the whole experience thoroughly and puts you at ease so you can just relax and enjoy." Rachael.
"Hi Sam, Many thanks for my recent flight. Wow! What an experience, I really enjoyed every second, especially the bit where we were flying next to a buzzard. I can't wait for my next flight. Once again many thanks." Dave.
"It was a great experience for me and I would love to do it again some time. My lads were well impressed! I was an outdoor activities instructor in the army, and from the moment I met you, you put me at ease and were clear and confident in your instruction and I would have no hesitation in recommending you." Mike.

"My flight with Fly Like A Bird was incredible. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and confident which put me at ease allowing me to enjoy the experience of soaring above the stunning North Devon Coast. Being able to see Woolacombe Down and the surrounding countryside, which I help to manage everyday as a National Trust Ranger, from this amazing perspective was really exciting. My favourite part of the flight was the landing, an awesome adrenaline rush!" Joshua

"Just a few strides and your feet are off the ground. The silent climb takes you higher and higher, past seagulls and buzzards. The sunset views over Croyde, Georgeham and Woolacombe were amazing. It was a surreal experience and not what I imagined. And I'll never forget how the flight ended, by landing on Woolacombe beach! Thanks Sam for the ride. But next time I want to go higher!" Matt

"Having experienced tow launch tandem hang glider flights in the past I couldn’t wait to try a foot launched tandem flight.. Sam was great to fly with – clearly explaining all aspects of safety and in flight security before take-off. Once airborne Sam made the whole experience fun, exciting and highly informative. If you are thinking of giving it a go I highly recommend it… Great fun." Darren – local paraglider pilot

"My flight was amazing! It was an awesome feeling flying through the air and seeing the gorgeous views from a new perspective! My best bits were the take off and landing, I love the adrenaline!" Rachel

"I had an amazing experience, my first flight I will never forget. I was worried trying to remember the tasks I had to do where to hold etc. and yet within 5 steps we were flying like a bird! Such a peaceful place to be - overlooking the Woolacombe coastline hundreds of feet up within a few seconds - wow. The most exciting bit was the landing descending at such great pace - well it seemed that way compared to the tranquillity of being up in the sky." Stuart